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While the Covid-19 pandemic has almost become naught but a memory; the key word here is “almost”. I’m sure you will agree, it has definitely got a long-lasting sting in its tail. I am very sad to announce that for the third year in a row we have had no option but to cancel the 2022 Auckland Highland Games, due to the inability to secure funding for the event this year.

We strive to provide an event like no other in Auckland. For the past 10+ years (not the last 2 naturally), we have been able to operate with no public admission fee by securing grants from various organizations to cover our expenses. Unfortunately this year, due to many factors outside our control (and outside the control of our sponsors), we have been unsuccessful in securing the necessary funding to be able to host the event in a safe and responsible manner.

Up until this decision was made, we had been really looking forward to hosting the games at the end of what has been a grueling 3 years for everyone. Moreover, this would have been our first year at a new location. Much of the planning had already been completed by our president in the past few months. As such, I’d like to personally thank David for the hard work he put in as we prepared for hosting at this new location. There’s an insane amount of pre-planning required to even consider hosting an event in a council-owned park in the largest city in New Zealand, and it is certainly not for the faint-of-heart. To be clear, we already had the green light from Auckland Council to use Lloyd Elsmore Park this November months ago, as a result of David’s hard work, and I would hate for the effort he put in to go un-noticed.

I am sure I can speak for everyone on the committee when expressing our sadness at not being able to hold the games this year. Thank you for understanding, and we hope to see you all in November 2023.

Le fìor deagh dhùrachd | Ngā Mihi Nui | Kind Regards,
John Rhodes.
Social Media & Technology Manager for the Auckland Highland GameAssociation